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                  So, they didn’t go to school together. Yet she still called him Senpai. Yet, they lived in a dorm together, with a lot of other people. She gave a nod, understanding. It wasn’t much, yet it was better then nothing. Yet, something in her heart told her that a group of people had to mean something. Like they were doing something terribly important…


            “… Shinjiro… do you know anything about… Persona?

   She had been taking the Evoker around with her. It felt like a safety precaution. Yet, it felt like it was the only key to her memories. Yet she didn’t know how to use it… or did she? Did she already know, yet she was just waiting for the right opportunity. 

That was a question he had somewhat hoped she’d ask, “…Yeah. I know about it.”

He refrains from adding anything else, about S.E.E.S, the Dark Hour and Nyx. That’s too much to dump onto her, hell. She had no memory so even saying it all in one go was out of the question.

"…Mine’s named Castor."

He can feel that all familiar mental tug as he spoke his Persona’s name as he stares at her. If she knew about Persona that would at least give her some idea about her Evoker, if she still had it in her possession.


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                   ”No… No, please don’t be sorry! I feel horrible that you know me but… I can’t remember. I don’t even know who I am… it’s not your fault.



   A jolt of pain rang through her temples, causing the auburn haired one to wince in pain slightly. What was that? It sounded like her voice, but it sounded like she was calling out to him. As a senpai? She hoped he hadn’t noticed, so she quickly rubbed the back of her head. A small smile stretching across her face.


             ”Did we… happen go to school together?



How to explain this…? He has no idea what she knows exactly, but isn’t that the point of this conversation? Talking to her and finding out what’s okay to say and what’s not.

"…Well, sorta," he finally answers as he straightens up a bit, one hand leaving his pocket to tug at the end of his hat.

"I was a year older than you so…That made me your senpai. Thing is…I didn’t attend school all that much….We lived in the same dorm building with a lot of other people. So…"

Was that answer enough? Should he have gone into more detail?


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“Push me away all you want, I’m going to fix this.”

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Shinjiro shakes his head, back pressed against the wall as he looks down at her. “What if I like being like this?”

The question is spoken even before he has time to think it over.

"What will you do then huh? It’s not like you can change how I feel right away from just words."


"…oh, o-okay, Sh-shinjiro…" She said his name slowly, trying her hardest to not say ‘senpai’ or ‘san’. Fuuka nodded slowly, noting that she could come to him for anything, but not now. She had to wait…right? "…o-of course, …I will remember that."


Fuuka stood up straight and turned from him. “…I-I have homework to get to… …S-should only take a half an hour,” She mentioned as she put her hands to her chest and sighed, “…I’ll see you for dinner?”

"Right," he nods though he knows she can’t see it, "Go ahead and do that. I’ll see you then."

He himself starts to part elsewhere, most likely to the living room again since he rarely prefers staying in his room.

"Tryin’ to act all cool…The hell’s wrong with me?!" He lightly hits himself on the side of the head as he recalls what she told her, a light red on his face.


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                  “Y… You know who I am?

   At this moment, she could have ask a great deal of many questions; like if he knew her in the past. Yet she was frozen in place, like something was keeping her from asking. Something that was making her fearful of her knowing her past self. Like something really bad happened-

             ”Heh, to be honest, I kinda wanna ask you a lot of questions… but that would be rude of me. I don’t even know your name. Or I did, and I’ve… forgotten it. Like I did my past.

So this wasn’t a coincidence, a lot of those who she was meeting. Did she also know them in a past life? Then, why couldn’t she remember?

"…You…You don’t remember?"

Shit. Shit! He turns his head away immediately and clears his throat loudly, “Sorry I…Sorry…” At the very least she didn’t think he was weird for openly staring at her for the past few minutes.


"…My name is Shinjiro. Shinjiro Aragaki," he tells her quietly before turning his head to face her again. "I…Uh…Well…"

Crap…He had so many things he wanted to tell her, but all of them were all gone with the wind as soon as she said she didn’t know who he was. His heart hurts….But he pushes that pain away as he tries to speak, “…Well, I don’t…Think I’d mind answering a few question of yours, but I won’t be certain if those answers would be good enough for ya.”



*Puts on the costume… she now looks like an actual bunny if it wasn’t for her head sticking out.* “Ta-daaaa!”

"…You look…" He stops himself for a moment the words refusing to come out. Mainly because it’s ridiculous yet at the same time oddly adorable…

"…You look okay."

He’s got a rep to keep up. Whatever remains of it.